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    <p>Graham Chronofighter 1695 Steel<br>
    <p>While chatting with Graham’s founder Eric Loth, I noticed that he wore a beautiful Chronofighter 1695 steel and black dial. I think this watch is worth checking out.</p>
    <p>I have a frank approach. When I met a male compatriot, I first looked at their shoes and then watched their watches. This may sound strange, but it often reveals the individual’s personality.</p>
    <p>I believe car salesmen and hotel porters use the same strategy. It seems that our shoes and watches can also provide insight into our social status and financial means.</p>
    <p>Eric’s choice<br>
    Earlier this year, I chatted with Eric Loth, founder of Graham-London, and noticed his tailor’s elegance, but it wasn’t until I looked into the wrist’s timepiece. In fact, it is always fun to see what the head of a watch company chooses to wear.RICHARD MILLE RM 055 cheap watches price</p>
    <p>If you can imagine being at the helm of a watch company and being free to choose any of a wide range of models, you might expect them to choose a complex tourbillon or a gold watch filled with precious stones. Therefore, it is surprising to see that one of Mr. Loth’s models that are more easily accessible in the range is surprising.</p>
    <p>Chronofighter 1695 – Gold or Steel?<br>
    In 2012, I wrote about the Graham Chronofighter 1695 in red gold and must admit that I have fallen for its rich golden hue. However, this year I saw that Chronofighter 1695 steel decorated Mr. Loth’s wrists on Milan steel bracelets and gave the watch a very different character.GRAHAM LONDON 2OVKT.B36A.K51T Chronofighter cheap watch</p>
    <p>Obviously, both models have a lot in common. They have the same size, movement and functionality. Both models share images of the Greenwich Observatory on their backs, although the gold version is hand-carved. However, there are obvious differences in the nature of these two modes.</p>
    <p>Although this red gold style is warm and the surface of the silvery white dial is slightly chaste, the steel version of Mr. Loth’s wrist has a very different temperament.</p>
    <p>The black dial has a deeper personality but provides a wonderful canvas for expressing time. It all seems to know. Infinite wisdom, it said that it saw a little life, I dare to say, live a B.R.M V12-44 WATCH V12-44-BG-ABARTH 595 cheap watch</p>
    <p>The steel case has a cool personality. I am not cold or aloof, but I am certainly more like business. Ironically, the dial of this watch shows a sense of wisdom, but also looks young. Milan bracelets further reduce the ambient temperature and look slightly more sterile than the straps, but, in my opinion, this is not a bad thing because it is in line with my quest for hygiene and has a very clean appearance.</p>
    What does your watch say to you?<br>
    Yes, colors and textures can have a huge impact on the appearance of the watch and attract different buyers by default. As a public watch, we tend to tend to watch what we feel as if we follow our own Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 cheap Watches<br>
    <p>As I mentioned before, I admire the appearance of the Chronofighter 1695 Gold Edition, but now I find myself pulled into the steel version on the Milan bracelet. This raises the question: "Does my personality change or is my personality split?" Or do we choose to wear a watch that reflects our emotions? I admit, I don’t have all the answers, but I think one thing is for sure. Changing the dial, the case material, the strap or the bracelet can completely change the personality of our watch and the image it depicts.<br>
    GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER 1695 Watch Reviews<br>
    <p>Graham proposed the elegant new Chronofighter 1695.</p>
    <p>Inspired by the 1930s, Graham described this watch as "an elegant, unique chronograph watch that combines the development of its basic watch with British style."</p>
    <p>The Chronofighter 1695 has a 42mm pink gold case (18K). On the back is the hand-engraving of the Greenwich Royal Observatory to commemorate George Graham’s early life, with the sapphire aperture showing the balance wheel and the escapement.</p>
    <p>The watch is equipped with a G1745 self-winding chronograph movement and a brown crocodile leather strap. The design was inspired by the style of the 1930s, with its silver-white hemispherical dial and the start/stop lever on the left side of the case for easy starting. Leverage was a 1930s invention originally used for aviation and early racing.</p>
    <p>Other features include Incabloc shock absorbers, 48-hour power reserve, and double-sided anti-reflective coated hemispherical sapphire crystal. There is a date display at 3 o’clock, with a water depth of 50 meters.</p>
    <p>The new Graham Chronofighter also uses a steel case with a chemically faceted back cover and a variety of dial HYT H4 Metropolis 512-TD-45-GF-RN cheap Watch</p>
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